Jac Gets Hair and Dating Advice from Reality TV Star Jessie James Decker [VIDEO]

Jessica Rose James Decker born April 12, is an American country pop singer-songwriter , reality television personality , fashion designer , and entrepreneur. At age 15, after auditioning for and being rejected by most of the country labels in Nashville, Tennessee , Decker began working with Carla Wallace of Big Yellow Dog Music. One of her songs attracted the attention of Mercury Records , which offered her a recording contract. She released her debut album, Jessie James , in A few years later in , she starred with her husband Eric Decker , a wide receiver in the National Football League , in the E! Her step father, Steve Parker, whom Karen married in the early s, served in the U. Air Force. Decker began singing when she was two.

Jessie James Decker On How Eric Decker Asked Her Out

She’s a singer-songwriter. He’s the newest wide receiver for the New York Jets. At the recent Smirnoff Ice Ladies with Game Tailgate event Jessie hosted, she talked about everything from how she and Eric support one another’s careers to their date-night style — she even shared the board games they play. There are good friends and lots of enthusiasm, because before a big game, I get really quiet, shy and nervous, because I’m concentrating … and I wonder how Eric’s going to do,” says Decker.

Jessie James Decker Posts Steamy Pic of Husband Eric Enjoying His ‘Retirement​’ From the NFL. Eric Decker may’ve ended his professional.

By Dailymail. And in its pages, the year-old country singer revealed that she went dutch with husband Eric Decker on their first date. Jessie went on to say that Eric, a former NFL player, was ‘clueless’ when it came courting her. The couple, who were first introduced in , have been married since Juicy: The book revealed that the year-old singer revealed that she went dutch with husband Eric Decker on their first date. Along with being a newly published author, the Southern belle recently announced her first tour in two years.

James Decker’s latest single, released September 28, is called Boots. Out now: Just Jessie is a guide to love, life, family, and food.

Jessie James Decker Opens Up About the Beginning Stages of Her Relationship With Eric Decker

Retrieved August 31, The album was to be the same country-pop sound as her debut. A few years later in , she starred with her husband , a in the , in the reality show , which stopped airing in April , but returned in September

Jessie James Decker offered her relationship advice to all the single ladies in a Dating and finding love, especially these days, is not easy.

According to Decker, the husband-wife duo have had to adapt to their new circumstances. Decker and her professional football star husband walked down the aisle in before the singer became a mother for the first time, giving birth to a daughter, Vivianne, who is now 5 following three years of marital bliss. Decker was also blessed with a third child, Forrest, in March However, the couple has differences about expanding their brood further.

Jessie told Us Weekly that Eric told her during a flight about his wish to add a new member to the family but how she felt the need to apply the brakes and take it easy for now. She and Eric were not seeing eye to eye on the subject even in May. When moving homes, Decker kept finding baby gear in the house, bottles, breast pumps etc. Jessie just told Eric to either donate the stuff or she had plans to give it away to her sister who was planning more babies. She will keep viewers informed during the entire show before going on to announce a winner immediately after the stroke of midnight.

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Jessie James Decker reveals she went dutch with husband Eric on their first date in new book

Jessie James Decker is rumoured to have hooked up with Reggie Bush Jessie James Decker is a 32 year old American Singer. Her zodiac sign is Aries. Jessie James Decker is a member of the following lists: American female singers , American pop singers and English-language singers.

Jessie James Decker dished exclusively to ‘Life & Style’ about how she makes her relationship with her The Bachelor Meet the Women.

The year-old wide receiver announced he was retiring from the NFL after eight seasons with an Instagram post on Sunday. On Monday, Jessie shared an emotional message on Instagram reflecting on the years she’s spent cheering her husband on. The year-old singer posted a sweet throwback of the two when Eric still played for the Denver Broncos, the timestamped photo dating back to I cried, smiled and ultimately respected his choice to finish this chapter to start another.

This pic was from the first football season I ever shared with him his second year for the broncos. I love you so much my lover!!! Ps you said you were going to drive that beat up old Chevy Tahoe u got in college and ride it through the ground until you finished playing football, can we please get a new one now?

Jessie James Decker Reveals How She and Eric Keep the Spark Alive — After the Kids Go to Bed

Jessie James Decker has a lot going on with her husband Eric. Both are successful in their own careers. Together, they have a family, and their own reality TV show. The pair has three children. They go on tour together and make their kids home cooked meals. How did this power couple get its start?

June 22, – present 3 children Vivianne Rose Decker (March 18, ) Eric Thomas Decker II (September 3, ) Forrest Bradley Decker March 31,

Jessie James Decker and Eric Decker may not be the most famous power couple of football Eric plays for the New York Jets , but they are the most lovable. During a preview for the new collection, she spoke to Cosmopolitan. When you were dating Eric, did you ever go to sleep with your makeup on? I think I was immediately makeup-free. What is a bigger deal, taking off your makeup in front of Eric or farting in front of him? I try not to do the second one.

When you’re pregnant, it just happens, and there’s nothing you can do. I still get embarrassed when I do that. As close as we are, he doesn’t care — he’s not shy. Taking off my makeup is not a big deal at all. The second one is more uncomfortable. You still want to be a lady.

Things You Might Not Know About Eric Decker And Jessie James Decker’s Relationship

It was a big night for Jessie — her first appearance since the birth of her third child, Forrest, the day after news broke that her husband, Eric Decker, had signed with the New England Patriots. Although Jessie said she was looking forward to being in New England, Eric has since announced that he is retiring from the NFL to spend more time with his Nashville-based family.

And considering their closer-than-close relationship, as seen on the E! Obviously diapers and wipies but I bring his play toys, I just bring everything because you can never have enough.

Extra” caught up with Jessie James Decker, 31, at our Levi’s Times Square studio​, where she dished on her relationship with former football.

Tim Tebow has done a tremendous job of turning the other cheek under fire so far, but the latest attack against the Denver Broncos ‘ quarterback may yet test his mettle as a teammate. Jessie James, the burgeoning country music sensation who’s currently dating Broncos wide receiver Eric Decker, wasn’t afraid to blurt out via Twitter what most NFL fans have been thinking and discussing among themselves:. Of course, she was only coming out in defense of her favorite Broncos boy toy, who’d yet to catch any passes from Tebow during Sunday’s game against the Buffalo Bills.

Not surprisingly, James’ somewhat joking disdain for Timmy drew the ire of his legions of devout followers, prompting the year-old starlet to jump on the defensive against the virtual angry mob:. James isn’t exactly out of line to jibe Tebow for being something less than a competent and accurate passer. Tebow came into Sunday’s action completing just After all, Decker’s caught only 43 of the 91 passes thrown his way in —a success rate of only Certainly, dumping on Decker’s quarterback buddy isn’t going to help James’ boyfriend garner anymore attention from Tebow.

At this point, she’d be better served keeping her opinions of Tebow to herself. Follow J0shMart1n.

Cool Couple: Jessie James Decker & Eric Decker Have Got Game

I spend most of my time painfully learning these lessons. I usually stumble around for a bit before I realize that life is presenting me with an opportunity to learn a new way of thinking or another way of getting what I want. My toughest lesson lately has been my perspective on relationships. Months have gone by since I have had a conversation with a man that really sparked me. The people that you can text back and forth with for weeks at a time without ever running out of things to say?

Jessie James Decker and her husband Eric Decker have come a long video of her and Eric after they’d only been dating for a few months.

By Jaclyn Hendricks. Season 2 focused on his free agency signing with the Jets in March He spent one year with the Titans, before briefly moving on to the Patriots. In August, he announced his retirement from the NFL after eight seasons. Read Next. Mike Maccagnan’s first two jobs to fix Jets for next year. Fauci’ makes a strong case against masks New York Post Would you like to receive desktop browser notifications about breaking news and other major stories?


They may have only been mildly famous when their E! But if you don’t already know who these two are, allow me to acquaint you: Jessie James, 27, is perhaps best known for her country-pop singing and reality star career, though she’s also recently added fashion designer to her resume. And the story of how this pair met is equal parts adorable and, honestly, a little awkward. Yep, as it turns out, famous people meet in the same weird-ass ways you do.

Photo: Photo: Courtesy of Jessie James Decker and Eric support one another’s careers to their date-night style — she even shared the board games they play.

The year-old “Flip My Hair” singer’s new lifestyle book details her most personal moments, from Jessie’s school days where she was booed at homecoming, to relationships and meeting her husband Eric Decker. She Found the “Wrong” Boyfriend: After arriving in Nashville, Jessie still felt insecure from her high school days where she was consistently bullied.

Writing about the “bad relationship,” Jessie says that he was “trying to keep me down,” but at the time she was “so mixed up and lost I would have done practically anything he told me to. She Was “Kicked Off” the Jonas Brother Tour: Amid her bad relationship with Angelo, Jessie’s career was taking off, but she “didn’t like the direction” her label was taking her in.

And yet ultimately I found myself underneath the stage in a New Jersey arena, crying by myself right before I was about to perform. I was supposed to be having the time of my life, but the reality couldn’t have been further from that. Jessie goes on to share that she ultimately “got kicked off” the Jonas Brothers tour because “the concertgoers were mostly girls and, well, girls hated me. Like snowflakes, no two were alike,” Jessie writes. It was a nice change of pace from my previous experience, where nothing I did seemed right.

Jessie later adds that she went out with more guys after that in search of her “perfect mate,” including “one of the biggest baseball players of our generation,” who she found to be “too vanilla—kind and sweet, but not enough for me.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Eric Decker And Jessie James Decker’s Relationship