HEMINGRAY No 9 PATENT MAY 2 1893 glass telephone insulator

By Maribeth Keane — August 19th, In this interview Ian Macky describes the origins, types, shapes and colors of collectible antique glass insulators. His son had a bunch of insulators on the window sill in his bedroom. You always think of glass as being fragile, but it was used for some pretty industrial uses. So I asked him about them and it turns out all the original insulator collectors were linesmen. So my neighbor knew a lot of other insulator collectors and it just went from there.

Hemingray 40 Glass Insulators with Patent Date – May 2, 1893_IMG_1079 (4)

Macedonia Ave. By , Hemingray had become a world leader of glass insulator manufacturing. Hyve, The Hemingray Glass Co. Williams’ Cincinnati Guide and General Business Directory for lists Gray and Hemingray as glass manufacturers and places their business on the east side [of] Hammond St. Advertisements such as those appearing in the Electrical Review and official histories of the Hemingray Glass Company also confirm the date.

According to the Muncie Evening Press and histories of the Hemingray Glass Company then known as Gray and Hemingray , the company relocated its plant operations to Covington, Kentucky in the early s.

Go the List of Glass Insulator Pictures (front skirt) MR/HEMINGRAY / [​Numbers and dots] (rear skirt) MADE IN U.S.A. / [Numbers and letter] The 20C and 33C molds with the MR embossing were marked with the date code (​i.e., with.

The “Frog Eyes” is always popular! The stunning color of this piece is always popular, so add it to your lineup! A few Cobalt Blue examples contain milky impurities such as this one, which add an interesting translucent effect, most noticeable in the upper skirt and around the pinhole. Another wonderful piece in fantastic condition! A nice medium shade of purple where one can see some wisps of darker purple in the dome and lighter wisps in the skirt, giving this a bit of a two-tone effect.

One can also see a large area of clear glass in the rear! See lot 28 for a similar color in a CD Another popular and collectable piece! One can see some nice purple swirling primarily above the wire groove. Colorful CD Hemingrays have become quite collectable and this is one of the more unique colors. Combine the great color with the very good condition and this is an insulator to add to your collection!

Amazing veils of carbon soot swirl all around the insulator.

Hemingray-42 History and Value

They were used in large numbers on rural communication lines as well as short-distance lines within towns and cities. A large percentage of their insulators were made with drip points for many years. Most of the Hemingray No. Many Hemingray NO 9 embossing variations were made over the years. The Hemingray NO. This style of insulator was widely distributed across the United States, being used almost everywhere, and can be found in virtually every state in the country.

Object Name: Insulator. Date made: ; associated date: maker: Hemingray Glass Company. Physical Description: green (overall color): glass (​overall.

The 10B is a mold number, serving to identify the exact iron mold used. For more info on Hemingray and Hemingray products, check out these sites: ; ;. Production continued after a purchase by Kerr Glass Manufacturing Co. For a listing of some primary embossings found on glass insulators, and the glass factories that may have produced them,. Dating In Circle Of Friend’s – If only I had money then, I was just a kid and five bucks was a lot of money and ten was way over my price range.

Example: This is an example of style 3. Email: This is your email address.

Insulator Historical Timeline!

This section is for things directly for sale on this site. There are also some items continuously available such as die- cut stickers of the CD Fisher our mascot insulator , All Insulators – Crown Jewels of the Wire logo, coffee mug with our logo and several different types of insulators. Mug is available in 20 colors! An insulator pillow my personal favorite item, so cool! Several different types and colors of T-shirts and sweatshirts.

Dedicated to the Historic Hemingray Glass Co. don’t exist for example, aqua insulators with O-I date codes, RDP CD , insulators that are listed.

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Hemingray glass insulator, CD 164

The earliest Hemingray insulators are likely lightning rod insulators from the late ‘s. The last Hemingray insulator was made in Over the years of production, they made billions of insulators, infact in they had made there billionth Hemingray insulator! They continued to produce insulators a full 30 years from this date, the scale.

Some of the glass in the later years has a date code molded onto it if you know how to read it. However, that The small glass insulator is a Hemingray –

BIG update today. Introducing “Project Cass Lake”. Project Cass Lake is a Hemingray insulator listing verification project. Over the years many bogus listings have been added in to the hobby “guides” many were added by word of mouth with out any verification. There are many listings that likely don’t exist for example, aqua insulators with O-I date codes, RDP CD , insulators that are listed with both brass bushings and without such as a ice blue CD without a bushing etc.

Next to each listing there is an icon noting its status a legend can be found by clicking the text next to the i icon on the top of the header row for the listings. CO – Added compete list of all 4 CDs and 19 listings. CO – Added compete list of all 1 CDs and 3 listings. Today’s update is a major one! The Insulator section is being re imagined. Code named “Project Baldwin Lake”, This is the launch of what will be the foundation for many insulator related cataloging and verification projects in the future.

First up is getting suspected embossings and color combinations in to a database, this is no small feet as data is manual being aded. Today a early preview is available for the CD

Hemingray Glass Company

You can see of a picture of a soot covered on in insulators. Notes about production 1. Molds with and without the MR exist so the MR was added after the mold was used in a particular year since there is no sign of a blot out. Four molds have been identified: 20C, 33C, 36A, 52A.

May 25, – Hemingray insulators #9 and # Number 9 shows a patent date of May 2nd Number 10 was manufactured in Both were made with.

Not sure which insulator you have? Get started here. Browse by Popularity CD Style Series. Hemingray Glass Insulator Database. Welcome to the Hemingray Glass Insulator Database!

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Count the dots around the year code and add them to the date computed in the column to the left.

Dating hemingray insulators Antique glass insulator 14 in the most steamy and telegraph lines throughout. Datiing of. Asiandate is an american glass, az; posts: cd insulators sell for henry m brookfield how to choose photos for online dating – brookfield cd I recently went through. Specialities: cd ; original catalogs. Box , insulators association nia is not at amazon.

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Brief overview of Hemingray Glass Insulators: Hemingray was the world largest manufacture of glass insulators. The earliest Hemingray insulators are likely lightning rod insulators from the late ‘s. The last Hemingray insulator was made in

I love colored glass and the story behind them is pure Americana very cool. Original Creative Ways of Reusing Old Vintage Glass Insulators Glass insulators were first produced in the. Saved from how to date your ball jar.

Reprinted from “Crown Jewels of the Wire” , January , page The No. Unfortunately, the trade name for these insulators has been lost because no catalogs or sales sheets survive from that era. Therefore, for the purposes of this article, the insulators are referred to as the “No. A characteristic three-piece mold assembly was used by the Hemingray Glass Company to manufacture their early insulators.

The top of the crown, often referred to as the dome, was formed in a shallow cavity tooled into the base of the mold assembly.

Hemingray 42

Insulators color chart I kinda want to find these and collect because I love colored glass and the story behind them is pure Americana See related links to what you are looking for. Check out this handy list of yard sale finds that are perfect for wedding day decor. Part two in our series.

Patent Dec. 19, Hemingray Patent for threaded glass insulators. Insulator on patent has been colorized to add some pop. Features a CD

Although Hemingray was best known for its telegraph insulators , the company produced many other glass items including bottles , fruit jars , pressed glass dishes , tumblers , battery jars, fishbowls , lantern globes , and oil lamps. The main plant in Muncie closed in and insulator production ceased. Hemingray was best known for producing telegraph and telephone pin insulators used on utility poles. To give an overview of the large variety of styles produced, the following table contains the twenty most common.

The CD number is from a classification system developed by collectors that refers to the shape of the insulator and is completely independent from the Hemingray Glass Company. Due to slight modifications in design over years of production, single styles can span multiple CD numbers. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Muncie, Indiana.

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